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My goal as an instructor is to provide students with a strong foundation in the fundamentals of photography. The emphasis, therefore, is on exposure and its components (aperture, shutter speed, and ISO) and how they work both individually and cooperatively.

Both beginners and intermediate students are welcome.

One-on-One Instruction

Private lessons are geared toward those who: prefer to learn in an informal, personal setting; are unable, due to work or family, to commit the time required for a more formal course; have previously taken a photo course and are simply looking to update or refresh their skills; or, have specific needs they wish to address.

Lessons are normally held at the student's home (additional costs may apply to students outside of the Greater Moncton area). I find this provides a more comfortable learning environment for the student and makes it easier on those with an already hectic day. Lessons can also be given "in the field" for more practical, hands-on instruction.

For beginners, topics include (subject to time constraints): camera care; basic camera operation with an overview of the shooting modes; an introduction to exposure and metering; white balance; focus; memory cards, file formats, and file transfer and storage. For students possessing some familiarity with their cameras and the fundamentals, the standard topics can be covered in greater detail or adapted to meet the specific needs and interests of the student.

One-on-one sessions are available in blocks ranging from three to twelve hours. Three-hour sessions must be taken in a single block. Six-hour and longer sessions can be broken down into several smaller blocks of two or three hours if desired.

Private lessons are geared towards individuals. However, I am willing to accomodate small groups (a maximum of four people) in certain circumstances, and group rates are available.

Please contact me for more information, for pricing details, or to arrange a session.

Purchase (Private Lessons)

Those interested in 3-hour, 6-hour or 9-hour sessions for a single student can pay for the lessons using the secure PayPal "Buy Now" button below.

If you would like to purchase 12-hour or 15-hour sessions, are interested in group sessions (maximum of four people), would like to inquire about reduced rates for children under 16, or are a previous student of mine seeking a refresher, please contact me prior to making an online purchase.

Photography Instruction (One Person):

Gift Certificates (Private Lessons)

Gift certificates are available for private, one-on-one instruction. They make a great present for the budding photographer in your family, especially when accompanying a new camera or other photography-related birthday or Christmas gift.

The gift certificates can be personalized with the names of both the sender and the recipient. They are available in both digital and paper formats so they can be sent electronically or tucked inside a birthday or Christmas card.

To purchase a gift certificate, either leave a note in the "Instructions to Seller" area during the PayPal checkout process or email me the details after purchasing the lessons.

Sample Gift Certificate


Digital Asset Management for Photographers Workshop
25Mar '18

Digital Asset Management for Photographers

SYNOPSIS - This workshop will introduce participants to Digital Asset Management and its concepts. It will discuss file naming and organization, using metadata to caption and tag images and, briefly, file backup strategies. It will demonstrate how a careful and standardized approach to keywords and keyword lists provides consistency across the library, ensuring that files can be quickly and accurately located when needed. Finally, it will show how many of these steps can be automated, and performed in conjunction with other tasks, to increase efficiency and reduce the amount of time the photographer spends organizing and managing individual files or shoots.

DATE - Sunday, 25 March 2018

TIME - 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. There will be a one hour lunch break from 12:00 pm -1:00 pm. Lunch is not provided. Kitchen facilities (fridge, microwave, kettle) are available for those who wish to bring their own lunch.

LOCATION - Ivan's Camera, 181 St. George Street, Moncton, NB. The workshop will be held in the second floor meeting room accessed using the stairs near the rear (parking lot) entrance.

EQUIPMENT - Laptop computer with a plain text editor (NotePad, TextEdit) and a photo browser or editing suite (Adobe Bridge, Adobe Lightroom, ImageBrowser, View NX) installed. Demonstrations will use Adobe Bridge, which is available free-of-charge as a standalone program. However, participants can follow along using their own software. Please note that image editing is not part of the curriculum.

CLASS SIZE - Limited to 10 students. The instructor reserves the right to cancel due to insufficient enrolment. Additional dates may be provided if demand warrants.

SKILL LEVEL - The workshop is suitable for both beginner and intermediate photographers.

REGISTRATION - Students can register for the workshop using the online payment option below. For further information, please contact me via email or call (506) 863-8394.

COST - $60 per person


Introduction to Photography - Moncton, NB

Intro to Photography Courses

Purpose: The course is designed to give students a foundation in the principles of photography and an introduction to digital cameras and their main controls. A basic familiarity with the camera, and basic computer knowledge, is an asset but not required.

Resources: Students should own a digital SLR camera, mirrorless camera, or an advanced point-and-shoot camera that permits manual control. Please bring the camera and manual to class.


  • Exposure and its components (Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO)
  • Metering, metering modes, exposure lock, and exposure compensation
  • Focus point selection, focus modes, and focus drives
  • White Balance
  • Composition
  • Lenses, filters, and a selection of other photo accessories
  • Camera care

Duration: The course consists of 17.5 hours of classroom instruction over a period of 7 weeks (2.5 hours/day, one day per week).

Location: Ivan's Camera, 181 St. George Street, Moncton, NB.

Class Size: Maximum of 10 students.

Registration: Students can register using the online payment option for the preferred date. The instructor reserves the right to cancel courses due to insufficient enrolment.

For further information, please contact me via email or call (506) 863-8394.

16Jan '18


For the 7-week Introduction to Photography course from:

16 January to 27 February 2018
(Tuesday evenings)

Registration Closed
Please register for the next available course

15March '18


For the 7-week Introduction to Photography course from:

15 March to 26 April 2018
(Thursday evenings)

Registration Closed
Please register for the next available course

01May '18


For the 7-week Introduction to Photography course from:

1 May to 12 June 2018
(Tuesday evenings)

Cost: $225 per person

NBCC Moncton

Since 2011, I have taught an Introduction to DSLR Photography course through the Continuing Education program at NBCC-Moncton. Classes are offered during both the fall and winter semesters, starting in September and January respectively.

The course presently consists of 21 hours of classroom instruction over a period of 7 weeks, broken down into one 3-hour session per week. Class size is limited to a maximum of 12 students per group. Topics include: camera care; photo accessories; exposure and its components; metering; focus; white balance; basic composition; and, file transfer and storage.

For further information or to register for an upcoming class, please contact NBCC at (833) 658-2577.

Town of Sackville

In the fall of 2016, the Town of Sackville, New Brunswick, asked me to facilitate an Introduction to Photography course through the community programs offered by the Department of Parks and Recreation. To-date, classes have been offered during the fall of 2016 and spring of 2017.

The class discusses many of the same topics covered by the NBCC-Moncton course, although in a slightly reduced time-frame of only 16 hours of instruction. It is an eight week program. Class size is limited to approximately 12 students. Multiple classes may be offered if demand warrants.

For further information on upcoming classes, please contact the Town of Sackville at (506) 364-4930.